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Product Spotlight - Centerforce I Clutch Kit

Centerforce, a leading manufacturer of performance clutches for classic and late model cars and trucks, offers owners of 1963-1995 GM cars and trucks the perfect replacement clutch with its Centerforce I Clutch Kit. The Centerforce I offers superior technological advancements over factory clutches including Centerforce’s patented centrifugal weights and premium friction material that combined, deliver light pedal effort and smooth engagement. 

Both the GM small block and big block engines have been a mainstay in the GM vehicle line for over 30 years and are the most popular engines GM has ever made. Whether you have 1968 C10 or a 1989 Camaro, the Centerforce I Clutch provides better than stock pedal feel and perfectly complements stock engines or engines with slight power increases from minor bolt-on modifications.   

The Centerforce I is specially designed to be a high-quality entry-level performance clutch for those looking for a better-than-stock replacement. This versatile clutch is available for engines with either a 10 spline input shaft (Part # KCF523516) or 26 spline input shaft (Part # KCF523816). The pressure plate features Centerforce’s patented Centrifugal Weight System for superior clamp load over stock and the disc includes high-quality friction materials for better drivability and longevity. This Centerforce I clutch kit also includes a new throw out bearing and a clutch alignment tool. 

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