Centerforce DFX Clutch Series

Centerforce DFX Clutch Series


The Centerforce DFX ® Clutch Series is the competition-proven clutch package for select import and domestic applications. The DFX series is engineered for competition standards of quality and craftsmanship. DFX clutch series is aimed at high-end applications that continually demand increased integrity and holding-capacity. Our DFX scores big, not only with holding-capacity and strength, but also provides the best drive from a race-inspired single disc clutch.

The DFX series features the patented Centerforce centrifugal weight system (where applicable) and retains an easy pedal effort, thanks to Centerforce's patented ball bearing actuated diaphragm. That means smooth engagements without detriment or undue wear to the vehicle's release components. The Centerforce DFX performance clutch system is SFI approved for competition with Nodular Iron pressure plate rings and promotes safety by helping prevent drive strap breakage with its reinforced design. Made In USA

Note: Due to the materials used, the DFX clutch series is more aggressive with less dampening; this can cause some additional drive train noise and/or chatter.


  • Added Durability
  • Light Pedal Effort
  • Added Durability
  • Patented Centrifugal Weight System (Where Applicable)
  • Patented Ball Bearing Pressure Plate
  • High Holding Capacity
  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Dampened Paddle Style Disc
  • SFI Approved

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