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    Centerforce I & II - Clutch Disc (AWSL) PN# 380115

    Centerforce I & II - Clutch Disc (AWSL)

    PN#: 380115

    The Centerforce I and II Discs are made from full high-quality friction full facings. These discs are made for Centerforce I and II pressure plates. (This part number includes : Disc)


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    The items found on the Centerforce ® Garage Sale page fall into three categories; Discontinued, AWSL, and Overstock. Overstock and AWSL items will retain the existing Centerforce ® Limited Warranty. In consideration of the price offered, customers Discontinued items agree any written Limited Warranty included in the product box are VOID and unavailable, that the bargained for terms include no written warranty and such items are sold AS IS, without warranty express or implied. If there are any questions about these terms please contact info$a$t$ or (800) 93-Clutch."

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