Dual Friction ®, Clutch and Flywheel Kit (PN# KDF379176)

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Centerforce brings together high-quality friction materials and patented processes to give you top-of-the-line discs. Centerforce offers discs for the Centerforce I, Centerforce II, Dual Friction, LMC, and DFX series clutches. Each disc is designed to work best with a corresponding Centerforce pressure plate. The Centerforce Dual Friction Disc Series uses a single disc with patented dual friction technology by distributing pressure plate clamp force evenly over a 360-degree friction-facing on one side of the clutch disc, while the opposing side uses a segmented friction-facing to concentrate clamping pressure and increase clutch holding-capacity. These discs are made for Centerforce Dual Friction pressure plates. Replacement Kit Available PN: KCFT643791 (Requires Flywheel)
  • Patented centrifugal weight design (where applicable)
  • Patented Dual Friction® design
  • Patented Ball bearing pressure plate (where applicable)
  • Light pedal effort
  • High quality friction material
  • Increased holding capacity
  • Smooth engagement
  • Replacement Kit Available
  • PN: KCFT643791 (Requires Flywheel)

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mevman (1010 XP)
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Everything but the TOB is great

Do not use the TOB in this kit. Mine has failed under 5 months of use. Other than that...spend the money and get this kit. It's awesome. They way a Jeep should come from the factory! Installed in a 2012 JK Sport.

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