K&N Filters Viper

Owner: Jerry


Still Running on PUMP GAS this Vipers makes 780hp crankshaft and 760 ft/lbs torque crankshaft. The top speed is around 210mph with an 8 liter supercharged by a Paxton Novi Blower running 10psi with a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch assembly. This Viper ran in the Z2z challenge at the Silverstate Classic 2005 and had the highest top speed $a$t$ 181mph.

Race prepped and supercharged, Jerry's Viper is still streetable.

Jerry waits once again for the green flag to drop, this time for the Silverstate Classic Main event, a 90 mile, 200+ mph run across a Nevada highway.

The green flag is raised as Jerry begins the Z-2-Z challenge.A race to from 0 to 200 mph and back down to 0 again.

Jerry's Viper screams up to 181 mph, the fastest speed acheived in the Z-2-Z challenge.

Thank you Centerforce

Centerforce Dual Friction

PN: DF985985