1969 Chevrolet Camaro (G-Code by Ringbrothers)

Owner: Don Atkinson

Vehicle Specs:

Clutch Assembly

  • DYAD DS PN: 04614842


  • Engine: Wegner 416 LS3
  • Forced Induction: Whipple
  • Engine Oil: Royal Purple
  • Engine Oil Weight: 5W30
  • Transmission: Bowler Tremec 6 Speed
  • Transmission Oil: Royal Purple
  • Rear End Manufacturer: John’s Industries
  • Rear End Type: GM 12 Bolt
  • Drive Shaft: QA1
  • Differential Oil: 80-90 Royal Purple


  • Type: Rack and Pinion
  • Manufacturer: Detroit Speed
  • Steering Column: Ididit
  • Power Steering Fluid: Royal Purple


  • Seats: Upholstery Unlimited Custom
  • Gauges: Classic Instruments
  • A/C System: Vintage Air

Stereo System

  • Head Unit, Speakers, Amplifier: JL Audio

Wheels and Tires

  • Wheel Manufacturer/Model: HRE
  • Front Wheel Size: 19X10
  • Rear Wheel Size: 20X13
  • Tire Manufacturer/Model: Michelin
  • Front Tire Size: 275/35/19
  • Rear Tire Size: 335/30/20


  • Paint Manufacturer: BASF/Glasurit 90 Line
  • Paint Color: Blue Print
  • Paint Booth: Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) Ringbrothers Performer Booth
  • Tail light lens: Ringbrothers Custom Billet


  • Fuel Type: Premium
  • Fuel Pump: Aeromotive
  • Fuel Tank/Cell: Aeromotive
  • Fuel Management: Holley Dominator
  • Fluids: Royal Purple


  • Front Caliper Specs: Baer 6R-15”
  • Rear Caliper Specs: Baer 6R-14”


  • Battery Location: Trunk
  • Battery Manufacturer: Optima


  • Header Manufacturer: Custom Ringbrothers
  • Exhaust Manufacturer: Flowmaster


  • Radiator: AFCO
  • Fans: Spal
  • Fluids: Prestone


  • Chassis: Detroit Speed


  • Front Suspension Manufacturer: Detroit Speed
  • Front Suspension Type: Hydro Form
  • Rear Suspension Manufacturer: Detroit Speed
  • Rear Suspension Type: Quadra Link
  • Shock Manufacturer: AFCO
  • Sway Bars: Detroit Speed

About G-Code

Wisconsin native and “G-Code” owner Don Atkinson always had a desire to own a 1969 Camaro RS. He loved the design by GM, but he didn’t want just any 1969 Camaro - he wanted a truly unique, one-of-a kind Camaro that no one else in the world would have, so he went to Ringbrothers.

“G-Code’s” transformation began with the power plant - an LS3 motor from Chevrolet. Wegner Automotive beefed up the horsepower with a Whipper Supercharger and an increase in displacement to 416 cubic inches, bringing the output up to nearly 1,000hp. All those ponies are then sent through a Bowler-built Tremec six-speed transmission and a Centerforce Clutch. The engine is kept cool with help from Prestone coolant and everything from the motor to the transmission are running at peak condition thanks to lubricants from Royal Purple. Exhaust is expelled though a set of custom headers designed by Ringbrothers and then into the custom Flowmaster stainless steel exhaust system.

But “G-Code” isn’t all about straight-line speed. To make sure the car was equally as adept at going around a corner, Mike and Jim Ring used a Detroit Speed full suspension setup including a Hydro Form front clip and Quadra-Link rear with AFCO shocks on all four corners. To bring “G-Code” down from triple-digit speeds, massive Baer Brakes six-pot calipers were installed at all four corners with 15-inch rotors in the front and 14-inch rotors in the rear. The Rings worked with the folks at HRE Performance Wheels in California to design a custom set of forged wheels sized at 19x10 in the front an 20x13 at the rear, inspired by the IROC-Z Camaro wheels of the ‘80s and wrapped them in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires measuring 275/35/19 up front and 335/30/20 out back.

The cabin of the first generation Camaro was carefully designed with driver comfort in mind. The interior upholstery was custom crafted by Upholstery Unlimited and is kept at the perfect temperature with a Vintage Air climate control system.

Ringbrothers walked a tight rope with the body of the “G-Code” Camaro. Mike and Jim Ring wanted to stay within the confines of what makes a ’69 Camaro a ’69 Camaro, but also wanted to push the boundaries of style to make the car stand apart. Every part of the car was customized including the bumpers and the grille, while the hood was crafted using hand-laid carbon fiber. To highlight the body work, “G-Code” was coated in a custom BASF Glasurit hue named “Blue Print.”