Gene Hindman

The 2002 & 2005 NMRA P/S Champ and the 2002 WFC-5 P/S Champ


With dependability, reliability and a pedal feel like a stock clutch, the LMC Series offers those qualities, plus the availability to handle horsepower also. We have used the LMC unit for over 150 passes this season and have not one problem to date. The unit has held up to every obstacle that we have thrown at it.

With 8 consecutive wins and a Championship in NMRA Pure Street for 2005, the unit seems to be invincible. Since 2002 (Also another Championship year) we have been in every Pure Street final but 6 events, so we put a lot of passes on this car and it has had only 2 LMS units in it since the 2002 season.

We hold both ends of the record also at 10.31 @ 129 mph. I would recommend this unit to either the racer or the daily driver.

Centerforce Light Metal Assembly and Aluminum Flywheel

PN: LM161057 & 900157