700830 - Steel Flywheel | 2.4L - L4 - GAS - CARB -

CENTERFORCE PN: 700830 - Centerforce Flywheels, Steel | Fits Toyota - Pickup - 1981-1983 - Naturally Aspirated - 2.4L - L4 - GAS - CARB - Truck - From Prod. Date 08/01/80, To Prod. Date 07/31/88

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I bought this flywheel (700830 - Steel Flywheel) 28 years ago and I love it. It is out of the vehicle now for a 3rd Centerforce clutch job. Upon Inspection the ring gear on the flywheel is kind of chewed up from the starter gear. I am wondering if you offer a replacement gear for this flywheel. Or will a stock Toyota ring gear fit on this flywheel? It would be a shame to have to toss this expensive flywheel because of ring gear tooth decay.


We do not offer the ring gear. A factory Toyota will work.

By Staff on February 01, 2021.
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