Dyad DS ®, Clutch and Flywheel Kit (PN# 04114810)

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The DYAD DS (Drive System) multi-disc clutch design has been developed to meet the needs of modern high-end vehicles. Today's technology has allowed for engine torque levels up to 1300 ft/lbs and still be driven every day. Drivers need a clutch that can offer; smooth engagement, quiet operation, light pedal, and high-end holding capacity. The DYAD DS offers that and more! The Definition of DYAD: \dy ad\ Two units treated as one; a couple; a pair, or combining power of two.
  • No complicated setup or adjustments required
  • Fully dampened clutch system developed for vehicles with extreme power levels
  • Patented ball bearing pressure plate
  • Patented multi-disc floating disc and drive disc design
  • Quiet, positive drive floater
  • Smooth engagement and light pedal effort
  • Holds up to 1300 ft/lbs of torque at the flywheel
  • Precision balanced
  • Greater longevity
  • ARP fasteners
  • Excellent driver control
  • Comes preassembled for your convenience
  • Specification card included!

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Member Since: 03/05/2013
I definitely got a grip!!!

I own a 05 Mustang Gt. I have a Magnuson 1.9L Roots supercharger on it. I make 460rwhp and 450rwtq. I have recently upgraded my transmission to a TR6060. We installed this DYAD clutch and will never look back at all the other clutches we've waste our money on. The clutch pedal is so light with effortless that it feels OEM and should of come this way from the factory. Clutch engagement is smooth, soft and very quiet.I can't thank CenterForce enough for making my car so enjoyable to drive. Anyone can drive my car. No special instructions to tell anybody before they hop in. Great job everyone in R&D for this awesome product. I'll be a DYAD buyer from now on!

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