Part Number: KCFT240916


FOR 1962-1995 Chevrolet and GMC
SUV and Pickup

Features and Benefits

- Centrifugal Weight System -

- Sprung Hub Organic Disc -

- Light Pedal Effort -

- Torqeu Holding Capacity: 608 ft/lbs -

- Assembly Weight: 30.55 lbs -

New Centerforce ® II Clutch Kit, part number KCFT240916, available for 1962-1995 Chevrolet and GMC, SUV and Pickup. The Centerforce II Clutch Kits series features a sprung hub disc with organic, full face, friction material for longevity and the centrifugal weights system offering additional clutch torque holding capacity by harnessing centrifugal force as engine RPM increases. Using centrifugal force and leverage on the clutch diaphragm, the Centerforce weight system increases clamp-load as engine speed and power increases. Furthermore, static clamp load is increased via our patented machining processes; this combination allows superb holding power and maximum clutch life, making this clutch ideal for selected street/strip, off-road and towing applications. This Clutch Kit provides a Torque Holding Capacity of 608 ft/lbs.

Also available in a Dual Friction Clutch Kit KDF240916. Torque holding capacity: 694 ft/lbs

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Centerforce Clutches has been a leader in clutch innovation and design for over 35 years. In 1982, the Hays family founded Midway Industries, Inc. to meet growing national demand for Centerforce products. Subsequent invention and patents covering the Centerforce ® I, Centerforce ® II, Dual Friction ® , LMC, DFX ® , DYAD ® DS, DYAD ® XDS, TRIAD DS, TRIAD XDS and the new Diesel Twin demonstrate the commitment to quality, continuous research, and new product development have propelled Centerforce products to be the industry leaders they are today.


- Pressure Plate -

- Disc -

- Alignment Tool -

- Pilot Bearing -

- Throw Out Bearing -

- Pressure Plate Bolts -


- Pressure Plate: 12" O.D. -

- Disc: 1-1/8"-10 Spline -

- Holds 608 ft/lbs of Torque -


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