Centerforce® is a family-owned business operated out of a 48,000 sq ft facility in Prescott, Arizona. We have been in business for three generations spanning over 20 years. Everyone here is determined to provide our customers with true performance products. Founder Bill Hays pioneered the solution to the ‘stuck over-center' problem of diaphragm clutches. Several patents later Centerforce is still providing leading-edge clutch and flywheel products for all vehicle power levels and driving styles.


Centerforce® and the parent company Midway Industries Inc. spent the early years in sunny California. Growing up you would say in the heart of the Southern California racing community. While renting two facilities in California the hunt for a new location began. The company settled in Prescott Arizona, a small community that barely had a movie theater at the time. The young families working for Midway at the time were able to ditch their rent and purchase homes, just as the company did. Located right off the runway of the Prescott Airport we have enjoyed every day since 1994 in this growing Yavapai county.
2266 Crosswind Drive
Prescott, AZ 86301