• Holds 800-1700 lb-ft at the flywheel
  • Segmented carbon friction facings for smooth, easy to control operation and maximum longevity
  • Centrifugal assisted pressure plate specifically tuned for diesel engines
  • Multi-dampened dual-disc hub assemblies reduce noise and vibration
  • Patent-pending anti-rattle design quiets traditional floater noise
  • Positive drive floater allows equal torque distribution in both upshift AND downshift directions
  • ARP hardware included for unparalleled strength and durability
  • Each unit is hand built and 100-percent tested
  • Clutch specification card included
  • Complete clutch hydraulics package included

Diesel Twin Description

The Centerforce® Twin Disc clutch set is available for Dodge / Ram Cummins diesel-equipped 2500-5500 trucks. Designed for heavy-duty street and towing applications, the Diesel Twin can handle power levels from 800-1700 ft/lbs of torque. Features include a multi-stage disc hub design, vented anti-rattle floater and ball bearing pressure plate for high holding capacity, and segmented carbon friction facings for excellent holding capacity. All components are precision balanced and come ready for installation while offering smooth engagement, quiet operation, and long life.

Kit includes: Pressure Plate, TWO dampened drive discs, floater plate and flywheel, all necessary mounting hardware, release bearing, roller ball pilot bearing, align tool and hydraulic release system.

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