Part Number: KCFT693963


For 1963-1974 Dodge and Plymouth 8 Cylinder Vehicles

Features and Benefits

- Ball Bearing Pressure Plate -

- Centrifugal Weight System -

- Rated 560 ft/lbs of Torque -

- Light Pedal Effort -

Centerforce ® provides top of the line products for all performance levels. To do so, Centerforce uses patented processes and constantly tests different materials and designs to find the best combination.

Centerforce II Clutch Kits are a high performance, long lasting, street friendly clutch. KCFT693963 is available for Dodge 1965-1974 and Plymouth 1963-1973.

Centerforce Clutches has been a leader in clutch innovation and design since 1982. Centerforce offers multi-level product lines allowing customers to choose a performance clutch that best matches their application. Single disc - Centerforce ® I, Centerforce ® II, Dual Friction ® , DFX ® , LMC. Twin disc - SST, DYAD ® DS, DYAD ® XDS, Diesel Twin. Triple disc - TRIAD DS, TRIAD XDS. Flywheels - Iron, Billet Steel, Low Inertia Billet Steel, High Inertia Billet Steel, Billet Aluminum. Accessories - Release Bearings, Pilot Bearings, Hydraulics, Bolt Kits, Alignment Tools.


- Pressure Plate -

- Disc -

- Throw Out Bearing -

- Alignment Tool -

- Pilot Bushing -

- Pressure Plate Bolts -


- Pressure Plate: 10.4" O.D. -

- Disc: 1"-23 Spline -


The application information above is for description purposes. Please call Centerforce directly at 800-93CLUTCH or email our sales team at for specific application information.