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Centerforce Clutches Investigation into the Jeep TJ and JK Throw Out Bearing Noise

At Centerforce we have received multiple calls in relation to a Throw Out Bearing ticking/squeaking noise. Through our investigation, we discovered there is a known inherent problem with 2006 – 2017 Jeeps. This includes factory-installed components, replaced O.E. components and part from other Jeep clutch manufacturers. JK and TJ owners have reported this problem and are looking to us at Centerforce to help find a cure.

We have reviewed our engineering and components to ensure they are the highest quality available and not causing this issue. With the help of some Jeep owners we have tested multiple areas; unfortunately, testing had mixed results with cases of the problem going away and in some cases returning immediately or many months later.
This bearing noise continues to plague JK and TJ Jeep owners. We have reviewed a few different Jeeps and have not been able to reproduce the noise in house.

Currently, we are looking for anyone experiencing this problem with a Factory Installed Clutch, other clutch manufacturer or a Centerforce clutch; that would be able to bring their Jeep to our facility in Prescott, Arizona where we have the equipment required to help find a resolution to this problem. 

We want to fix this issue not only for Centerforce customers but for anyone experiencing this problem.

There are two issues that seem that seem to arise;

1.A ticking or skidding noise when the pedal is up.
2.A creaking or squeaking noise while the pedal is being depressed or released.

The YouTube video from Emer Grali below is a great example of the noise.

There are multiple examples of this problem on YouTube and on other Jeep forums. Although Centerforce is not the cause of the problem we are working to find a resolution for everyone.

For more information please contact our technical service department at 928-771-8422.

Centerforce Clutches Div. of Midway Industries, Inc.

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