1986 Mercury Merkur XR4Ti

Owner: Rick & Jim Byrnes


1986 Mercury Merkur XR4Ti 2.5L (160 Cubic Inch) turbocharged engine, with 3 stages of intercooling, producing 600hp at the rear wheels. (525 lbs of torque at 5700 RPM). Fastest speed at Bonneville (flying mile) 208.932 MPH with a record of 204.952 MPH. Fastest Standing start mile, 174.757 MPH, best Quarter mile times of 11.53 seconds $a$t$ 118 MPH. (60 foot time 1.51)

All of this performance with a custom 9 inch Centerforce clutch disc, and a production Centerforce® Pressure Plate.

In all, this vehicle has made 7 land speed records since 1991, and has always used your products. Your clutches have always performed in an outstanding manner. Without Centerforce's help, we would certainly have struggled. Thanks for your support all these years.

DFX Series Clutch Assembly