Ariel Atom

Owner: Eddie Hill


Here is a picture of my current passion, my Ariel Atom, powered by a Chevy Ecotec LSJ that I have modified extensively for more power. I am quite pleased with the Centerforce DFX clutch and flywheel assembly and am proudly wearing your Centerforce decal, as you can see in the enclosed pictures. I know that the reduced weight of the clutch/flywheel assembly is a big part of the increased throttle response and better acceleration I am enjoying! The very light pedal pressure, combined with the ability to hold big power, is a nice combination.

It was very satisfying to set records and win Top Fuel Championships on land and on water, and I feel especially blessed to be in five motorsports halls of fame, but I am having so much fun now, learning road racing in my Ariel Atoms, that it is hard to believe, and I thank you for making good reliable parts that let me do that!